openSUSE Linux RPM packages for CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center

To use this repository, run the following command:

sudo zypper addrepo -f jenkins-oc

With that set up, the CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center package can be installed with zypper install jenkins-oc

Individual Package Downloads

If you need *.rpm for a specific version, use these.
Name Last modified Size
jenkins-oc- 2016/11/16182.2M
jenkins-oc- 2016/10/14182.2M
jenkins-oc- 2016/09/08182.2M
jenkins-oc- 2017/03/20222.9M
jenkins-oc- 2017/03/02222.8M
jenkins-oc- 2017/02/01222.7M
jenkins-oc- 2017/01/19223.0M
jenkins-oc- 2016/12/15219.8M
jenkins-oc- 2016/11/29219.8M